2017 June 26
King of Kings Lutheran Church
Children’s Sunday School

The goal of the Sunday School program is to provide children with the basic foundations upon which to build their Christian faith. Dedicated teachers create a nurturing and happy environment to help children grow in their friendships with each other and their relationship with God.

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Ages: Pre-School through Middle School (age 3 through the 8th grade).
Dates: After Labor Day in September through May.

Important Dates: There are a few Sundays where Sunday School will NOT be held. These mostly coincide with holiday/public school breaks.

Time: Sundays, 9:30am–10:20am
Location: Multi-purpose room

Each class has a team of teachers who take turns teaching. The children typically sing during the first 10 minutes of Sunday School. Educational activities include Bible stories, music, drama, crafts, cooking, and more!

 Children are split into classes based on age or grade. There are usually Pre-K, K–2nd grade, 3rd–5th grade, and Middle School classes. You may choose to send your child to the class that fits best (for example, it’s fine to send your child who is entering Kindergarten to the Pre-K class instead).

It is helpful to the teachers for parents to take their little ones to the bathroom before class, as teachers can not send a child alone to the bathroom.

IMPORTANT: If your child is in 2nd grade or younger then you MUST sign them in/out of class, per our Youth Protection Policy pdf. Each class will have a sign in/out sheet available. This means you need to come and get your child at 10:20am.


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