King of Kings Lutheran Church
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Volunteer Duty Descriptions

"How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty. … I would rather be a gatekeeper in this house of my God than live the good life in the homes of the wicked." (Psalm 84:1,10)


Organized friendliness and mutual acceptance

  • Speak with the pastor about any special needs for the service
  • Place offering plates on the alter/pass plates when needed
  • Straighten sanctuary before/after service
  • Turn on sound system/lights
  • Adjust heating/cooling as needed
  • Accept communion elements from Ministry of Table volunteer and take to the altar
  • Stand inside sanctuary at the door and pass out bulletins ten minutes before the service
  • Wear identifying tag
  • Welcome guests and offer to seat them with members; no guests sit alone unless they want to; if greeter has not given guests a card to complete, please do so and put in offering plate
  • Serve or seek servers of communion
  • Count all adults and children in attendance (including the nursery) and record on form on cabinet
  • Close sanctuary doors
  • Clean communion ware following service


Welcome to God’s House and this Community of faith

  • Accept a call of ministry in greeting
  • Be stationed in narthex 10 minutes before service until 5 minutes after service begins
  • Be a one-on-one presence for all who come, guests and members
  • Seek connections with the guests and make connections for them with members
  • Ask Guests to fill in Guest cards at Welcome table and place in offering plate
  • Wear identifying tags (Be comfortable not knowing everyone, but let them know you. You might say: “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you.”)
  • Introduce guests to the hosts.

Assistant Minister

Liturgy is the people’s work as they gather around Word and Sacrament. The leadership of worship is a shared leadership.

  • Obtain bulletin ahead of service, review service, lessons, prayers
  • Write appropriate prayers
  • Arrive at church 15 minutes before the service for last minute instructions from presiding minister
  • Participate in worship elements:
    • Gathering: process with presiding minister
    • Word: liturgy (sung/spoken) prayers and intercessions
    • Meal: place elements on altar, serve, remove to side table
    • Sending: recess with presiding minister; dismiss congregation for service in the world, declaring:
      “Go in peace, serve the Lord.”


To light the way. The Lord is with us. Our Savior goes with us.

  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Obtain candle lighter from the store room
  • Stand at back of sanctuary near the host before the invocation
  • Ask host to light the wick
  • At the beginning of the processional hymn walk up the aisle
  • Light candles on the right side of the altar from the left to right
  • Walk behind altar and light candles on the left side of the altar from right to left
  • Snuff wick flame and walk down aisle. The candle lighter can be placed in the back of the sanctuary.
  • After the recession, walk up the aisle and snuff candles in the same order you lit them.
  • Before snuffing the last candle, light the wick, snuff the candle and then recess with the lighted wick.
  • Blow out the wick after your recession and return the candle lighter to the storeroom.