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FedUp Ministries

FedUp is a new food truck in Southeast Michigan. We are a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Southeast Michigan Synod of the ELCA. FedUp is in partnership with King of Kings Lutheran Church. Click here to visit the FedUp Ministries website.

The FedUp Team

Anna Taylor-McCants
Pastor, ELCA Mission Developer, and
Sara Freudenburg
Kathy Weinberg
Lead Media/Tech Volunteer

FedUp serves good, healthy, food-truck-style food with dignity to communities that are food insecure and economically exploited by unjust racial and economic systems in the United States.

How Do I Receive A Meal?

FedUp accepts “pay-as-you-can” donations, and there are no requirements for receiving a meal. You do not have to prove your residency, income status, etc. If you are in want or need, you will receive a meal from FedUp.

Visit the FedUp events page to see upcoming times and places where the food truck will be serving meals.

How Can I Help?

Volunteer: Go to this page where you can sign up to volunteer with us.

Pray with us: Please join us in lifting up this new ministry. Click for more information.

Order Catering: Reserve the FedUp food truck for your event. Our not-for-profit catering service gives back to the community it serves.

Give: You can donate online, via text, or send us a check. Click to support this ministry.

Phases Of Ministry

Phase One
This is when we raise the funds for and purchase our truck, and get it inspected by the Washtenaw County Health Deptartment.
Phase Two
We will take our truck out to multiple meal sites on a regular schedule so community members know when to expect us.
Phase Three
This is a time for us to explore worshiping together. We will also dig deeper into justice issues in our community.
Where we are now