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Pastor Anna Taylor-McCants
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FedUp Ministries

Hi, I’m Pastor Anna (she/her) and I’m the newest member of the pastoral staff team at King of Kings Lutheran Church, serving as Pastor of Mission Development. I’m also the Pastor and Mission Developer at FedUp Ministries, a new food truck in Southeast Michigan.

I recently completed my Master of Divinity from United Lutheran Seminary, Gettysburg + Philadelphia, but I’m not from the north or even the Midwest. I grew up in the Southern Baptist church in the heart of the Bible Belt–East Tennessee. Finding the Lutheran church and more specifically, finding Lutheran theology, freed me in a way that I had never been freed before. God brought me out of bondage and fear, and into a life-giving relationship that has quite literally changed the course of my life. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I am called to help others along their journey toward religious freedom. We are freed from sin, fear, shame and freed for our neighbors in this hurting world.

I have a passion for ministry that involves full inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community. I have a passion for ministry that frees my siblings—both my siblings of color and my white siblings—from the sin and pain of white supremacy in our church and in our world. I have a passion for ministry that helps young girls and non-binary kids see themselves as made in the image of our wondrous and loving God, because God is not a man (though Jesus certainly was).

I have big dreams and visions for the future of the Church. I always felt that God was calling us outside of the walls of our buildings, outside our comfort zones, and into the world God so loves. This is why FedUp Ministries is so important to me. Church and worship, this is something we do, not a place we go. We can do church anywhere—the pandemic has shown us that. And in Southeast Michigan, we’ll be doing church by serving meals from a beautiful and holy food truck. This is a ministry for everyone, not just Lutherans or even just Christians. Collaboration is the future of the Church and I’m here for it.

Other important things about me: I love chaplaincy work and being with people. Police and prison abolition, along with fighting for the rights of convicted felons are important parts of my community organizing work. I’m an abortion doula, meaning I support people before, during, and after their abortion process, and I believe the Church should repent of the harm it has caused to people who have had abortions.

Last but certainly not least, my beautiful wife’s name is Monique. We have two children, Laynee and Ezra, who bring so much joy to our lives.

I am humbled by the opportunities the Divine has given me over the course of my journey, and I cannot wait to see what They reveal in this next phase of life and ministry.

See you around town.

 Pastor Anna