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Small groups are a great way to cultivate congregational life and interaction. King of Kings small groups represent a wide variety of interest areas. Groups can meet regularly or occasionally, at church (if you can find a spot free in the schedule), in individual homes, or in other venues.

Click on these items to open the page for that small groups topic:

For other small group activities …

Some of the groups listed here are actively meeting. Some consist of a group e-mail for a topic or interest. Check out the King of Kings Calendar to see if and when a group is meeting.
E-mail Groups
There are e-mail groups for the topics and areas listed below. To contact others in the congregation who share these interests, send a message to the e-mail group name, enclosed in square brackets below, followed by

  • Bible Study [BibleStudy]
  • Book Club [BookClub]
  • Concerts/Musical event attendance [concerts]
  • Day Trips [DayTrips]
  • Eldercare/Caregiver Support [Eldercare]
  • Exercise/Fitness [fitness]
  • Health/Nutrition [Health-Nutrition]
  • Knitting/Needlework [needlework]
  • Meditation [meditation]
  • Quilting [Quilting]
  • Volunteering [VolunteerList]
If you want to be added to or deleted from our e-mail system, inserted into or removed from an e-mail group, or if your e-mail address has changed then send a message to the King of Kings Postmaster [EmailRequest].