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Adult Spiritual Growth

The goal of the Adult Spiritual Growth ministry is to provide enrichment and educational opportunities for the adult members of the congregation. This may take the form of Adult Sunday School, small group Bible studies, or other small group meetings, focused on a specific topic, one time events on a single focus, retreats, etc. While topics may vary, our goal will be to enrich the spiritual lives of members, using a Christian focus and Lutheran perspective.

Besides basic Bible study, watch for opportunities to participate in topical studies on health, family issues, personal growth, social challenge,

for members and visitors
Dates: After Labor Day in September through May.

Important Dates: There are a few Sundays where Sunday School will NOT be held. These mostly coincide with holiday/public school breaks.

Time: After Sunday Worship Service
Location: Narthex

For more information, contact

interpersonal relationships, theological considerations, music, drama, and art. We will continue our investigations to assure that we are addressing the needs of our Church and our community. Should you have ideas and recommendations for a topic, please let us know!

Adult Sunday School

Join us in the narthex between Sunday worship services, After Sunday Worship Service. We follow the school year calendar, with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Internet Resources for the Soul

The ELCA has a service that sends prayers to your e-mail inbox. It is a great way to be reminded of the work of the church.

Research hymns online.