2018 September 23
King of Kings Lutheran Church

The King of Kings Library is located in the “Library/Choir Room” off of the narthex: go in and browse any time you like! Our collection has grown to over 1,500 items in the last ten years, in part because of generous donations by individuals who want to share what they have benefited from along their spiritual journey. There are books and videos for both children and adults.

Wherever you are on your lifelong journey in partnership with God, you can probably find something to help you along the way in the Library. We have books in every category (except 400 Language and 500 Pure Science/Mathematics) as well as DVDs, music CDs, and books/narratives on CD or cassette tapes to suit your needs.

New acquisitions include materials suggested by the congregation and additional materials the Library Coordinator finds that will contribute to our gaining knowledge, insight, and perspective. Still other materials are from Adult Spiritual Growth or other presentations in the church.

Each item in the Library should have an index card that describes the item. This card is for checking out that item. Please put your name/phone/date on the back of the card of an item you are borrowing and leave the card in the clear plastic box that is on the Library table in the narthex.

DVD cases are on the Library shelves but the DVDs themselves are in the church office and must be checked out there. Leave the card for that DVD in place of the DVD you are taking.

There is a box near the door of the Library/Choir Room that is for the return of library materials. Please do not take things out without signing for them and return them within a reasonable time period so that others can benefit from them.

The Library table displays a variety of materials for your perusal each week. Check The Quilt Newsletter for articles that bring attention to some new, timely, or noteworthy items.

Please take every
advantage of our
Library. It’s worth
the trip!